Saturday, November 26, 2005
Post-Turkey Updates & Fodder for Procrastination
I've been doing quite well. Surprisingly well. Proud-of-how-put-together-I-am type well for the past week and a half, given the circumstances. No tears since that night with Uma.

I've faced the barrage of concerned looks and careful questions about how I'm doing, with smiles and nods - so much so that I've felt as though I'm comforting the person I'm speaking with more than they're trying to comfort me.

It was all happy feasting at my in-laws for Thanksgiving. After managing to weave my way, dry eyed, through a long and drawn out conversation with
Sil about the ultrasound and the procedure and the recovery, I thought I was through - smooth-sailing from here 'till Christmas.

Until later, after two unwise helpings of tiramisu, I was snuggled in bed with my husband, happily slipping into a food coma. And there appeared the black screen - with my little baby...the x's marking the top of his head and the little bump of his rump. For a brief moment, I was smiling; forgetting, I suppose, in my sleep-altered state. But it only lasted a moment before I turned and shook my husband awake. I pulled him come close and told him to whisper happy things for me to think about. We managed to avoid tears; but I was shaken for the first time in a week.

And now in the post holiday haze, I've been lazing about, letting the feast(s) of the past week settle and clicking the Next button on the top right corner of most Blogger pages. Quite interesting finds out there, if you truly search.

The majority of are sheer dribble or advertisements for one thing or another - but there gems worth taking a moment or two to read and bookmark. And then eventually, you'll come across an interesting page with
a plethora of links, as I did, and start clinking your way to sites with slightly more potential (if only because someone else has deemed them link-worthy)

This is precisely how I came across the Face Recognition Generator, which gave my husband and I quite a laugh tonight, and I know that it certainly can be classified as fodder for procrastination for any of my office-bound friends.

You upload a picture of yourself (or anyone else you happen to have kicking around on your computer) and the site generates a list of celebrity's who's faces best match your picture. The results for my first picture were somewhat flattering (although, hardly accurate...with few exceptions):

Deborah Kerr 76%
Christina Ricci 69%
Sandra Bullock 69%
Young Shirley MacLaine 68%
Angelina Jolie 68% (Hardly!)
Winona Ryder 68%
Alyson Hannigan 67%
Natalie Portman 67%
Vivian Leigh 67%
Margaret Atwood 65%

When I put in the only recent picture I have of my husband and I together- the results were quite humorous - especially for him. I'll admit that the picture itself catches us bedraggled at best, but still, I'm not sure he deserves to be compared to a wild-browed/bushy faced Fidel Castro - or an elderly Mother Theresa. You can decide for yourself

The site takes a couple moments to load the picture and rescan our faces - but clicking through the results is humorous - probably even more so if you go ahead and try it with your own mugshot.

My apologies in advance if you find yourself wasting a minute or two (or twenty) playing around at the site.

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Blogger KC said...

I found your blog by clicking "next" just as you describe and thought I'd leave a hello before I click again. Very well written and thoughtful. I'm very sorry for your recent misfortune--of course, I don't know you and you don't know me, but life goes on all around us.

Oh, and thanks for the face recognition link.

Blogger Susanna Rose said...

Glad the babies doing well so far and I'm gonna have to try that website too!! I'd say from your picture that, of all the names in the list, you look most like Sandra Bullock! Anyway, fun stuff!(:

Sounds like the perfect time waster for when I get home. :)

You are such a trouper, though it must be tough. We would say Kia Kaha, which is Maori and is pretty much translated to mean "stay strong".

Sending you sweet thoughts of gingerbread men.

Blogger JunieRose2005 said...

I found your blog just by chance and am very glad I did!
You write so well.
Stay strong!


Blogger Neo said...

Mella -Oh God girl, I forgot about ya. Me fix!

Blogger mreddie said...

You seem to be fighting your way back now - I'm so glad. ec

Blogger LJ said...

Yike! New look for the blog! I thought I was lost in blogland.

I tried the face recognition program and it was a hoot. My highest hit? 67% Drew Barrymore?? 63% Kate Winslet??

GUFFAW! That's hilarious. Thanks for wasting my time so entertainingly, Mella!

Drew Barrymore? Drew Barrymore? I wish.

Blogger Teri said...

You and your husband are so cute!

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