Monday, November 21, 2005
The Hunt Continues
With the pregnancy, there was a sense of urgency: We must find a nice, three-bedroom home, with a backyard for the kids to play. Now, there's still a sense of urgency - but I feel my will to hold out for the nice house with the little yard in a kid friendly neighborhood - slowly disintegrating.

We've been homeless since we sold our condo. We've been living with relatives and house hunting on the weekends. The
hunt has me weary and with the cost of gasoline these days, I'm beginning to feel guilty for dragging our realtor back and forth across the NH border, as he directs us to homes that we're not going to like in tightly packed into neighborhoods where we'd never choose to live in.

In our last excursion, we wasted an entire weekend on one house. We saw it twice - wandering from room to room, snapping digital pictures and envisioning how we'd fit our furniture in the bedroom and what we'd do for the nursery. It wasn't a dream - it was reality. It was a work-in-progress house, with paneling and camp-like woodwork in the upstairs bedrooms. The furnace was ancient. The plastered walls were cracked. It was in a thickly settled, but quiet neighborhood - near the airport. It was livable, but would need work to be loveable. And so, we resigned ourselves to put an offer on it - and it was rejected.

I didn't love it. I wasn't looking forward to my husbands longer commute or the amount of time I'd be spending one-on-one with the boss in a house that needed so much work - but at least the hunt would have been over and we would've been home.

I'm tired of living day to day by pulling outfits from laundry baskets and piles of clothes on the floor; and I'm tired of wondering if I should bother unpacking (or searching through boxes for) certain things (like, my winter jacket.) I want so badly to be settled; to be home, that I'm losing the will to hunt.

No yard? Ok. Small bedrooms? Not a problem. The roof leaks? We can fix that. The neighborhood's sketchy? We can get a security system. We can move in immediately?



Blogger mreddie said...

Wow - memories flooding back - old house sold too quickly - new house not finished - doing finish up work myself - moved in with in-laws - wife and I + two daughters in one bedroom - worked job in daytime, on new house at night - great day of rejoicing when we finally moved into our partially finished house.

That was in 1980 and my favorite wife still says the only way she is ever moving again is up - the big UP!

Luck on the house hunting. Always glad when you post. ec

Blogger Qatar Cat said...

Good luck with the house :^)

I hate being "settled", I prefer moving around all the time, but I guess it changes when kids come..


kids running,playing,laughing
in your backyard.

P.S good luck from sight n sound
Dec. grand opening.

Dear Mella,

I hope you find "home" soon! And that you can unpack, settle and just relish in all that you have been blessed with, and somehow look to the future and all that will be.

You're in my thoughts.

Blogger Jacopo Belbo said...


Hope you find a home soon. Feeling settled is so important. I wouldn't give up on the dream of ahome witha yard though. It's so important to have a yard, especially with children. Otherwise where will they run and play. House hunting is rough. There are so many variables to give up on to appease the desire to settle. Good luck. Seems like you have a lot of individuals who read your blog and are interested in your secess.

Blogger LJ said...

Moving is hell. House hunting is the basement of hell.
Good luck, kiddo! I hope it's soon. You could use a break sometime soon, I suspect.

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