Wednesday, September 14, 2005
The Hunt
We went for the first time today - hunting for a home.

We saw houses in neighborhoods with shirtless men sitting on stoops, or standing in wife-beaters smoking cigarettes and swigging beers at four in the afternoon. Neighborhoods with mother's smoking from the windows and screaming down the street at their misbehavin' children. Neighborhoods where the beat of Jam'n 94.5 vibrated the gates and the floors inside the homes.

Their listing sheets called them open and airy or charming with beautiful woodwork. What we saw was peeling ceilings and warped wooden floors, piss stained rugs and gas pipes sticking from stove-less kitchen walls. We saw hot-box, air conditionerless houses where entire families live in their own stench.

Oh, the stench.

Needless to say, we did not find our home.

But on a bright note, I did manage to finish my homework and drop the packet in the mail (a day late.) So, now I can dedicate more time to the hunt...


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