Saturday, June 06, 2009
I will not feel worry.

I will not feel stress.

I will not think about the small things. The cups of apple juice that I water down to stretch out the bottle. The parade of tiny black ants that find their way onto my counters.

I will not think about the larger things. The overdrawn charges on my bank account. The dental bills enroute to our house. The nagging novel, still unfinished on my desktop.

I will...

Enjoy the sunshine.

Make Asher smile.




Appreciate that my children find joy in the simplest of things and do not care that what they already have is all that we can give.

Learn from them.


Blogger Susanna Rose said...

I identify with you completely...everything from the watered down bottle of apple juice to the ants crawling on the counter! Never a dull moment and just think, we'll miss all these crazy things one day when they're grown and out of the house! That's what I try to remember when I start to feel angry and frustrated!!!:)

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