Thursday, August 18, 2005
American Idiot?

This article made me laugh. I'm all for the end of starvation dieting and the disturbing glorification of gaunt, bony young women flaunting figures even twelve year old boys would be ashamed of. To quote my incredibly handsome and wise younger brother, "Yuck!"

Aside from the obvious statements Duffy makes about the absurdity of the Hollywood shrinkilollipoppop heads, (the Olsen's, Lohan's, Ritchie's and the like), she also, in a round about sort of way, addresses the question: exactly how idiotic does the media think we (American women) are? Or worse, the potentially larger question: Is their accusation completely unfounded? Or are we idiots?

I'd prefer to think not, but someone must be buying the magazines that are promoting the "Lindsay Lohan Diet" or smearing the "must have" mascara of the moment on their lashes ("Why be great, when you can be fabuLASH?") Ugh! Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with the use of make up or mascara, but don't try to sell it to me with by getting a sleek and glamorous Oscar winner using Revlon-invented ghetto fabulous lingo like fabulash.

Stop with all advertising. It's making me angry. Why are 99.9% of the advertisements out there geared toward some mindless self-conscious, self-absorbed society of pinheads? Are my intelligent friends and I that much of a minority in this country?

I refuse to believe that, which leads to the only other question in need of explanation: how are so many pinheads managing to succeed in advertising? Ah, but now we're created a circular argument. They're successful in advertising, because *someone* out there is buying what they're selling, how they're selling it. Someone out there really does think that they could learn a few dieting tips from Lindsay Bones, er, Lohan; and someone else honestly thinks that fabulash is a descriptive ideal worth striving toward, one mascara wand at a time. So, apparently, we are living in a harmonious society in which there are enough idiots out there searching for answers to their own unhappiness in diets and make up, to balance out the amount of smarmy-condescending-idiots peddling it.


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